The New Orleans Saints one and only Mock Draft 1.0 for 2018

Posted by | April 23, 2018.


(Photo credit by the Courier-Journal)

By: Dean Mullen

The New Orleans Saints are on the clock starting Thursday. This draft should help the Saints get over the top.

In 2017, the Saints struck gold in the NFL Draft. Arguably, that draft class may be the most monumental moment in the 50 year history. Almost a year ago, the New Orleans Saints picked CB Marshon Lattimore in the first round. Lattimore was also in my Mock Draft 1.0. 

In addition, the Black and Gold picked up a critical pick of OT Ryan Ramczyk. Ramczyk was huge last year when the Saints called on him early on in his rookie year. Ultimately, the pick of RB Alvin Kamara ended up being even more astounding. Kamara was in my two round Mock Draft from my former employer too.  

The Saints got more than just a serviceable running back. Kamara went off and did things that left scouts in awe of his power and speed. Indicentally, the Saints wouldn’t have went 11-5 without him. And remember, most of us were gawking at the new acquisition of RB Adrian Peterson. Peterson just wasn’t the right fit at the time. Kamara was simply the man that changed the future landscape of the New Orleans Saints for years to come.

To put it into words from Mark Ingram. A reporter asked him to come up with one word to describe him. Ingram replied “savage.”


Fans saw it. The NFL didn’t see him coming. The fact is that A.K. is here to stay! The vertical attack that became known for years under Sean Payton, turned into the “Smash and Dash” running attack with an amped up defense. No doubt, that last year was a huge success. That was then and this is now.

The 2018 version of the New Orleans Saints are no longer underdogs no more. No flying underneath the radar for sure this season. In 2018, this draft is simply putting the icing on the cake. This is the year, make no mistake. There is no next year. This year is our year. This NFL Draft doesn’t have to be perfect. At the same time, the Saints have to be willing to look beyond this year with the new revamped defense.

Of course, the Super Bowl is the goal for this season, yet at the same time the window is closing for Drew Brees to make another run. Ironically, there was plenty of talk last year about drafting a quarterback to groom for the future. For whatever reason, the conversation has switched to building for a Super Bowl run for 2018. Look no further than the Philadelphia Eagles.

First and Foremost, the Eagles got their man QB Carson Wentz to perform brilliantly to setup an MVP caliber season. Unfortunately for him, an injury forced the Eagles to put in their backup who wasn’t exactly a household name just yet. That being said, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson had faith in him. The team believed and the rest is history.

The Saints must have a formidable backup quarterback just in case. Regardless, if Drew Brees plays until he’s 45 years old or not. This is critical going forward into this year. Quarterbacks don’t grow on trees. That’s why it’s imperative for the Saints have a guy to groom now and not later.

So without further ado, here is the ONE AND ONLY Mock Draft that is ready to be picked apart.

1st Round- WR Courtland Sutton SMU

3rd Round- QB Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State ***

4th Round- S Marcus Allen Penn St.

5th Round- G Skyler Phillips Idaho St.

5th Round- DE Hercules Mata’afa Washington State

6th Round- TE Deondre Goolsby Florida

6th Round- CB Parry Nickerson Tulane

7th Round- DT Justin Jones North Carolina State

Obviously, there is an asterisk by QB Mason Rudolph’s name in the third round. The problem with that pick is the availability of him being there in the third round is unlikely. Look for the Saints to move up in either the second or third round or pick QB Lamar Jackson. This may shock some people, but the Saints are looking at drafting a quarterback and this draft class is deep.

There it is folks. Let the games begin….





NFL schedule release is loaded for the 2018 New Orleans Saints

Posted by | April 20, 2018.

By: Dean Mullen

It’s now that time of year again. The NFL schedule is out and Who Dat Nation should be excited for 2018.

This has to be the greatest time of the year besides September! Late April brings in the new NFL schedule, and the NFL Draft is right on our heels starting next week. Certainly, this year has extra expectations for the Saints in 2018, as the 2017 season surprised most of the media and fans with a division title and nearly a Super Bowl appearance. That being said, there was ONE person that picked the Saints to win often in 2017. This incredible Nostradamus prediction was made by someone that didn’t lose the faith. even when the Black and Gold was 0-2. Check this out from some genius that picked the Saints to go 12-4 when others were going with an 8-8 or maybe a 9-7 prediction.  

Good luck finding anyone that knew that this team was ready to take that next step way before September came. Regardless, now it’s time to focus on the 2018 season. First, there is one thing that stands out from the 2017 campaign. The Saints lost to the Minnesota Viking and the Los Angeles Rams. Those two teams were not suppose to compete for the NFC last year. Now everyone is on the bandwagon. Look for at least one or two team this year to shock some people.

In my opinion, the Minnesota Vikings are going to compete again this year but look for the Rams to drop. Just watch and take notes. As far as the schedule, the gentle start looks to be at the top of the schedule. Two home games always is gonna help out any team. Having the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cleveland Browns too, is gonna make things a bit easier so it seems. That being said, guess who the Saints have lost their last five of six? The Cleveland Browns have been a thorn in the side the last few years. The Saints MUST win that game. Nothing else to add there.

The middle of the schedule look to be where the meat is, with games against the Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, and the Minnesota Vikings. Not to mention a tough road game against the Baltimore Ravens. The Saints have only played the Baltimore Ravens six times. They have won one of those six games. 

Also, there are three road games starting in late November against the Cowboys, Bucs, and the Panthers. In 2018, there are no gimmes. The Saints are gonna have to play more consistently to match the eleven win total.  After the draft, look for the crystal ball to come out again. There’s plenty to look at. Saints fans should be optimistic for sure after last year. Give me your predictions and thoughts here or hit me up on Twitter.







It’s the Super Bowl or bust for the 2018 New Orleans Saints

Posted by | April 15, 2018.
By Dean Mullen

Is there any doubt that the 2018 Saints are ready to take that next step? 

By and large, most of Who Dat Nation was hoping and praying that the draft Gods would send the Black and Gold a gift in the 2017 NFL Draft. After finishing three 7-9 seasons and plenty of disappointment, fans were losing hope. In addition, the confidence was waning for the regime in place. The thought was that the era of Sean Payton may have finally come to an end. The Saints were staring at another losing season right in the face.

Furthermore, after a lackluster 0-2 start, the chirping became louder and louder as fans were ready to jump ship. The talk shows became a combination of frustration and flat out pessimism for the season. That being said, there was still a steadying force that kept the train moving. Drew Brees has always been the ultimate optimist for sure. He knew more than all of us that the 2017 season had plenty of time to become great. And the 2017 New Orleans Saints dug down and won 11 of the next 14 to win the NFC South.

Be that as it may, the Saints did end up falling in one of the worse heartbreaking losses in their 50 year history. No reason to relive that moment. All things considered, the 2017 New Orleans Saints were not even in the conversation to make a run to the Super Bowl in 2017. But that’s exactly what the Black and Gold did! With the addition of shutdown cornerback Marshon Lattimore and running back Alvin Kamara, the Saints shocked the NFL and even Who Dat Nation.

Ironically, there’s a little under two weeks for the Saints to prepare for the 2018 NFL Draft.  The Saints look to add a few more pieces to put them over the top. This season is there for the taking. Surely, teams are going to be ready this year. The Saints are the team to beat in the NFC South and have built enough credibility that their defense is to be reckoned with.

This year there is no other expectation except to make it to Atlanta on February 18th, 2019 for Super Bowl LIII. Anything else should be a disappointment.



WWL Radio Draft Fest 2018 At Walk-Ons In Covington La.

Posted by | April 14, 2018.

The fun does not stop after the first round Thursday night at Buffalo Wild Wings. Die-Hard Saints fans will gather for the 2018 NFL Draft and WWL’s Draft Fest at Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar (Covington) 69796 Stirling Blvd, Covington, Louisiana.

You will have a chance to meet the WWL radio team, the Saints Superfans and the great folks from Miracle League Northshore all while getting the fantastic food and sports atmosphere over at Walk-Ons Covington.

Bobby Hebert, Deuce McAllister, Mike Detiller and more will be in attendance. The Black & Gold Superfans will also be there in costume for pictures and a meet and greet. Be there as the Saints select their draft picks.

The fun starts at 9am and goes all the way until 9pm. Listen for live picks as they happen, instant analysis and player interviews. Plus hear from Saints Coach Sean Payton and GM/VP Mickey Loomis as they hold news conferences.

Click HERE to view the Facebook Event page.

Give NOLA Day 2018 “Die-Hard Saints Fans For Angels Place”

Posted by | April 14, 2018.

Why Donate On GiveNOLA Day?
GiveNOLA Day is a 24-hour, online giving event organized by the Greater New Orleans Foundation to ignite the giving community in Southeast Louisiana. The goal is to inspire the community to come together for 24 hours to contribute as many charitable dollars as possible to support the work of local nonprofit organizations. Last year’s event raised nearly $4.9 million from 38,000+ donations across the nation. This year, we hope to do even more! GiveNOLA Day is based on other successful giving days hosted by community foundations across the country.

It will be from 12:00:01 a.m. to 11:59:59 p.m. on May 1, 2018. All event-related donations must be made online during the 24-hour period.

All nonprofits are eligible to compete for awards on GiveNOLA Day. Based on the operational budget entered when creating a profile, all nonprofits are divided into “small” (< $1 million) and “large” (> $1 million). For each of these categories, awards will be given to the five nonprofits that raise the most money AND the five nonprofits that raise the most unique donors, resulting in twenty awards total. A nonprofit can win more than one. Award totals are: 1st – $10,000; 2nd – $5,000; 3rd – $3,000; 4th – $1,000; 5th – $500.
Angels’ Place is a non-profit that provides ongoing respite care and support services to children with life threatening diseases, mostly cancer and their families in the Greater New Orleans area in a caring loving manner.
Angels Place is Big Easy Mafia’s charity of choice and we focus on raising money for their non profit organization throughout the year with our events.

Please Make A Donation By Clicking HERE!!!

Mike Detillier’s 2018 NFL Draft Report

Posted by | April 11, 2018.

Mike Detillier, based in southern Louisiana, is the college and pro football analyst for WWL 870 AM Radio in New Orleans, a sports columnist for several newspapers and Web sites, and a frequent guest on radio and television programs across the country.

A self-starter who was mentored by New Orleans journalists Hap Glaudi and Buddy Diliberto, Mike has extensive research and scouting expertise that have attracted national attention. Sports Illustrated named him the “Best Unknown Sports Voice” in America in 2006.

Mike’s Draft report details the strengths and weaknesses of all 32 NFL squads, the top performers currently playing in the NFL, a Fantasy Football outlook and recent trends in scouting, NFL free agency and trades.

The approximately 200-page book also features Mike’s four-round projections. With free agency providing never-ending changes, the draft report provides as much information as possible as of press time.

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Ndamukong Suh, The “Dirtiest” Player In NFL Football

Posted by | March 24, 2018.

What a blessing in disguise that Ndamukong Suh did not choose to come to the Saints. I know there was a lot of talk about how good he is and how much of an asset he would be to the Saints organization, but lets face it, he’s a cancer in the locker room among his teammates. He simply is not a well likable person and he is not a rule follower.

Suh has heard the word applied to his play before. In fact, he’s heard it frequently over the course of his NFL career. He’s actually been voted the dirtiest player in the NFL by his peers. He’s even had a conversation with Commissioner Roger Goodell about it.

We all know it’s football and that it is a brutal sport, pretty common sense right. What actually makes Suh a “dirty player” is because he simply does what the hell he wants to do and thinks the “RULES” that are in place do not pertain to him. The same “RULES” that 98% of every other NFL player seems to be able to follow. If that same mind set was implemented out in society…. what would be the outcome?

It’s a pretty simple process when you’re at the workplace, and the football field is the workplace for these guys. They have “RULES” that are put in place for you to follow whether you agree with them or not. If you choose not to follow them, you will have to suffer the consequences. If you continue to not follow the “RULES” that are required and expected you will be terminated and set free to find a new job.

Former And Current Saints Players Attend Tom Bensons Funeral

Posted by | March 23, 2018.

Last week, legendary New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner ​Tom Benson passed away at the age of 90.

Both current and former Saints players were among many to line up and pay their respects at Benson’s invite only

Among current and former players in attendance included Rickey Jackson, Bobby Hebert, Pierre Thomas, and Terron Armstead.

This shows how loved Benson was by all of his former employees.

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Petition: Change The Name Of “Lee Circle” To “Benson Circle”

Posted by | March 19, 2018.

As we all know the statue of Robert E Lee was removed at “Lee Circle” in New Orleans. This PETITION is for the replacement of the statue and the official name to be changed. We want it to be respectfully named “Benson Circle” and replaced with the statue of the late Tom Benson. Please Sign and Share this petition with everyone you know that feels the same way.

Funeral Arrangements For New Orleans Saints Owner Tom Benson

Posted by | March 16, 2018.

Funeral arrangements have been announced for legendary businessman and Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson.

Benson, 90, died Thursday with his wife, Gayle, at his side after being hospitalized for weeks.

A public visitation will take place at Notre Dame Seminary on South Carrollton Avenue on the following days:

Wednesday, March 21 from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Thursday, March 22 from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
A private funeral will take place at St. Louis Cathedral at noon Friday, March 23.

Read The Obituary

Due to space restrictions, the funeral will be for invited guests only.

Obituary For The Long Time New Orleans Saints Owner Tom Benson

Posted by | March 16, 2018.

Tom Benson, 90

Thomas Milton Benson, Jr., 90, passed away peacefully Thursday, March 15, 2018. He was born on July 12, 1927 in New Orleans to Thomas Milton Benson, Sr. and Carmelite Marie Pintado Benson. He is survived by his loving wife, Gayle Marie Benson.

Benson grew up in New Orleans in the 7th Ward. He graduated from St. Aloysius High School (now Brother Martin) in 1944. He was joined in the Benson household by brothers, Jerome, Larry and Augustin, who would later join him in family owned businesses. He enrolled at Loyola University of New Orleans, intending to study business and accounting, but he soon left his classes to enlist in the U.S. Navy. As a seaman, Benson was assigned to the USS South Dakota. Upon the conclusion of World War II, Benson returned home to New Orleans and continued his business administration studies while also working to support his family as a part-time clerk at a local accounting firm.

Benson married Shirley Mae Landry in 1945. They adopted three children, Robert Carter Benson, Jeanne Marie “Tootsie” Benson and Renee LeBlanc Benham. After 36 years of marriage, Shirley passed away due to complications from lupus in 1980. He was remarried in 1982 to Grace Marie (Trudeau) Benson, who passed away due to complications from Parkinson’s Disease in 2003.

In 2004, Benson married Gayle (LaJaunie) Benson.

From a business perspective, Benson’s journey began in 1958 with a move to San Antonio to run the business operations for a Chevrolet dealership owned by New Orleans car dealer Michael Persia Sr. In 1962, Benson expanded his commercial real estate and automobile dealerships in Texas. He also successfully expanded his business interests into the banking industry. In 1985, Benson purchased the New Orleans Saints after learning that the football team was on the verge of being sold to parties interested in relocating the team to Jacksonville, Fla. Ownership of the Saints was officially transferred to him on May 31, 1985. In 1987, the Saints posted their first winning season (12-3) and advanced to the playoffs for the first time in team history. In their first 17 years of existence, the Saints won a total of 73 games. Under Benson’s guidance, the franchise exceeded that win total by 1992. The team reached even greater heights in 2006, when Benson entrusted Executive Vice President/General Manager Mickey Loomis to hire Sean Payton as head coach and sign quarterback Drew Brees. Since those moves, the franchise has reached its highest point of success, posting a 119-85 overall record over the past 12 years, qualifying for the playoffs six times and winning four NFC South titles, capped by the Super Bowl XLIV Championship. In addition, the city of New Orleans hosted five Super Bowls during Benson’s ownership tenure.

Benson purchased the New Orleans Hornets in 2012 from the National Basketball Association and soon thereafter renamed the team the New Orleans Pelicans. In addition to providing stability to the franchise with local ownership, under Benson’s leadership, the Pelicans returned to the playoffs in 2015 and during his tenure, the city of New Orleans was awarded and hosted two NBA All-Star Games.

Mr. and Mrs. Benson established the Gayle and Tom Benson Charitable Foundation in 2007. Through that foundation, they have invested heavily in philanthropic endeavors. They established an endowment fund at Central Catholic High School, in San Antonio, Texas dedicated to the memory of Robert Carter Benson, who graduated from the school in 1966. They also donated the Benson Memorial Library at Central Catholic.

Mr. and Mrs. Benson long have been ardent supporters of University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio. Gayle and Tom Benson Stadium officially opened on campus September 1, 2008. Also in San Antonio, Texas at St. Anthony Catholic School there is a Library named after Mr. Benson’s son.

In 2012, Benson and his wife Gayle were awarded the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice for their generosity to the Catholic Church, the highest papal honor that Catholic laypeople can receive. In 2012, Benson and his wife donated $7.5 million towards the construction of Tulane University’s Yulman Stadium. The stadium, which opened in 2014, brought the Green Wave back to campus for the first time since the demolition of Tulane Stadium in 1980. The playing surface is known as Benson Field.

In November, 2014, Fawcett Stadium at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio was renamed “Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium” in recognition of a $11 million donation by the Foundation. A completely renovated facility was dedicated in 2017.

Mr. and Mrs. Benson displayed their commitment to the health and wellness of the local community with a $5 million Foundation gift to establish the Gayle and Tom Benson Cancer Center on the main campus of Ochsner Medical Center. The center was built and has since been upgraded following multiple gifts to the area’s leading health service network of hospitals and clinics, most recently a $20 million donation in 2015 to expand cancer services and advance clinical research in the Gulf region.

Supporting the efforts of former Saints safety Steve Gleason and his Team Gleason organization which helps provide people with ALS and other neuromuscular conditions an environment where they can live vital and productive lives with meaningful freedom and independence, Mr. and Mrs. Benson gave a $5 million Foundation gift in 2014 to the Team Gleason House for Innovative Living at the New Orleans St. Margaret’s facility. Mr. Benson was the only enlisted man to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Pensacola Naval Museum and has been honored with an award from the crew of the submarine U.S.S. Louisiana.

Regarding military service, Mr. Benson was the only enlisted man to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Pensacola Naval Museum and has been honored with an award from the crew of the submarine U.S.S. Louisiana. In 2007, Mr. Benson was honored by the U.S. Navy Memorial with the Lone Sailor Award, presented to those who exemplify the core values of honor, courage and commitment. In 2009, Benson was presented with the U.S. Army’s “Army Strong” Award in recognition for his position in the community while demonstrating leadership and Army Values on a daily basis. A leading advocate for the National World War II Memorial in Washington D.C., Mr. Benson was also a major contributor and past director of The National WWII Museum in New Orleans, with his pledges helping fund the Pacific Exhibit Grand Opening and the Midway Theater. In 2011, he was among five NFL owners honored with an American Spirit Award by the museum for service in the war.

New Orleans Saints Owner Tom Benson Dies At The Age Of 90

Posted by | March 15, 2018.

New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson died Thursday at the age of 90.

The businessman died Thursday at Ochsner Medical Center, Saints officials said on Twitter. His wife, Gayle Benson, was at his side.

Born and raised in the 7th Ward of New Orleans, Tom Benson was truly a self-made man.

A graduate of St. Aloysius High School and Loyola University, Benson served in the U.S. Navy before starting work as a car salesman.

From humble beginnings in the business community, he built an empire, eventually owning and operating several automobile dealerships in Louisiana and Texas.

Then, in the mid 1980s, Benson entered the world of professional sports.

In 1985, then New Orleans Saints owner John Mecom, the man who’d owned the franchise since its inception in the late 1960s, was on the verge of relocating the team to Jacksonville, Florida. But Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards convinced Benson, a 58-year-old businessman, to invest in the NFL and buy the Saints.

“We’ve got the No. 1 fans, and I’m gonna promise you this: We’re gonna have the No. 1 team, too,” said Benson the day he bought the franchise.

Benson delivered on that promise almost immediately.

Jimmy Graham Could Be Reunited With The Saints According To Rumors

Posted by | March 6, 2018.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the Seahawks and free agent TE Jimmy Graham are expected to part ways in free agency and he’s likely to draw interest from a bunch of teams including the Saints

There has been some talk that a reunion between the Saints and Graham could be a possibility to watch this offseason, given that they haven’t gotten much of the tight end position since they traded him away a few years ago.

Graham, 31, is a former third-round pick of the Saints back in 2010. He spent five years in New Orleans before he was traded to the Seahawks in return for Center Max Unger and a first-round pick.

Graham played out the final year of his four-year, $40 million contract that included $20.9 million guaranteed and is now in position to be an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his NFL career.

In 2017, Graham appeared in all 16 games for the Seahawks and caught 57 passes for 520 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns.

New Orleans Saints Draft Day T-Shirt

Posted by | March 6, 2018.

Get the Official T-shirt of the New Orleans Saints Draft. “Draft Dat” only in NOLA!


NFL Fines, What Does It Actually Cost The Players?

Posted by | February 21, 2018.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association collectively bargain an on-field code of conduct for all teams, players and staff members. The result: a well-defined schedule of infractions and fines.

The NFL uses the fine schedule to outline the league’s and the union’s expectations for players to conduct themselves in a way that honors the sport and respects the game, their fellow players, the fans and the league. The rules are intended to protect the players from unnecessary risk, promote player safety and emphasize sportsmanship and respect of teammates, opponents, coaches, officials and fans.

The fines collected do not go to the NFL, but instead go to programs for former players. The Players Association and the league have agreed to donate fine money through the NFL Foundation to the NFL Player Care Foundation and the Gene Upshaw Players Association’s Players Assistance Trust.

The Player Care Foundation, an independent organization dedicated to helping retired players improve their quality of life, provides programs and assistance with medical, emotional, financial, social and community issues.

The Atlanta Falcons Are A Bunch Of Sissies…. Seriously

Posted by | February 3, 2018.

The owner of the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blank filed a complaint with the NFL over the jokes made in the Superdome at the expense of their epic Super Bowl LI collapse. He claims his feelings were hurt very very bad and that he has since suffered mental anguish. The gags were played out December 24, during the 2017 season’s second game between the Saints and Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons specifically were upset because of the “Us vs. Them” segment run on the Superdome’s video screens. It displayed the Falcon’s 25-point lead in the championship game last year as a “franchise defining moment”

— a lead Atlanta famously blew by losing 34-28 to New England in overtime. For the Saints’ franchise defining moment, the video displayed Steve Gleason blocking the Falcons’ punt attempt on September 25, 2006.

Arthur Blank also got his feelings hurt and cried about the 610 Stompers halftime performance that spelled out “28-3” on the field.

Jim Henderson “The Voice Of The New Orleans Saints” Officially Retires From Broadcasting

Posted by | February 1, 2018.

Jim Henderson, whose impassioned and eloquent play-by-play as the voice of the New Orleans Saints helped cement the team’s highs and lows in the memories of fans for three decades, is retiring from the broadcast booth. Henderson made the announcement Thursday afternoon (Feb. 1) on WWL radio, where he has worked since 1986. Known for his eloquence and way with words, Henderson, who grew up in Ontario, New York, first served as the sports director at WWL-TV, succeeding “Hap” Glaudi. He got his first taste of calling Saints games when he moved into the booth to serve as an analyst for preseason games during the 1982 season.

“It’s time,” the 71-year-old Henderson said. “This is a good year to go out. I will miss our Saints Radio broadcast team; I will miss calling the games. But, I’m looking forward to experiencing Saints football purely as a fan.”

“I didn’t want to make a big deal about it. It’s all about the team,” Henderson said during the appearance. “It’s all about the fans. It’s all about what transpires on the football field on Sunday afternoons. I didn’t want to detract from that and I didn’t want it too soon, and I didn’t want to do it in the final game of the season, because it’s all about the game.”

“In the course of this season, in the course of the eight-game winning streak, I really became enamored with this football team and the city buying back into it,” he said during his announcement on WWL radio. “I thought it would be the best way to go out. I don’t want to stay too long when it becomes a drudgery. It never has been. It’s been a privilege.”

New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade Schedule And History

Posted by | January 28, 2018.

Click To View Parade Schedule

Mardi Gras History

The origins of Mardi Gras can be traced to medieval Europe, passing through Rome and Venice in the 17th and 18th centuries to the French House of the Bourbons. From here, the traditional revelry of “Boeuf Gras,” or fatted calf, followed France to her colonies.

On March 2, 1699, French-Canadian explorer Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville arrived at a plot of ground 60 miles directly south of New Orleans, and named it “Pointe du Mardi Gras” when his men realized it was the eve of the festive holiday. Bienville also established “Fort Louis de la Louisiane” (which is now Mobile) in 1702. In 1703, the tiny settlement of Fort Louis de la Mobile celebrated America’s very first Mardi Gras.

In 1704, Mobile established a secret society (Masque de la Mobile), similar to those that form our current Mardi Gras krewes. It lasted until 1709. In 1710, the “Boeuf Gras Society” was formed and paraded from 1711 through 1861. The procession was held with a huge bull’s head pushed along on wheels by 16 men. Later, Rex would parade with an actual bull, draped in white and signaling the coming Lenten meat fast. This occurred on Fat Tuesday.

New Orleans was established in 1718 by Bienville. By the 1730s, Mardi Gras was celebrated openly in New Orleans, but not with the parades we know today. In the early 1740s, Louisiana’s governor, the Marquis de Vaudreuil, established elegant society balls, which became the model for the New Orleans Mardi Gras balls of today.

The earliest reference to Mardi Gras “Carnival” appears in a 1781 report to the Spanish colonial governing body. That year, the Perseverance Benevolent & Mutual Aid Association was the first of hundreds of clubs and carnival organizations formed in New Orleans.

By the late 1830s, New Orleans held street processions of maskers with carriages and horseback riders to celebrate Mardi Gras. Dazzling gaslight torches, or “flambeaux,” lit the way for the krewe’s members and lent each event an exciting air of romance and festivity. In 1856, six young Mobile natives formed the Mistick Krewe of Comus, invoking John Milton’s hero Comus to represent their organization. Comus brought magic and mystery to New Orleans with dazzling floats (known as tableaux cars) and masked balls. Krewe members remained anonymous.

In 1870, Mardi Gras’ second Krewe, the Twelfth Night Revelers, was formed. This is also the first recorded account of Mardi Gras “throws.”

Three Points For Charity, Helping Someone In Need One Kick At A Time

Posted by | January 17, 2018.

The Big Easy Mafia started a new way to raise money for our charity for the upcoming 2018 season. Its called “Three Points For Charity”. During the NFL regular season, each time a New Orleans Saints kicker successfully kicks a field goal (3pts), the participating businesses will donate $200 to the charity chosen for that season. We chose Angels Place to be the charity of choice for the 2018 season.

Last season (2017) Will Lutz kicked a total of 31 successful field goals. Depending on how many businesses become sponsors, this has the possibility to raise a lot money for charity. We are looking forward to a very prosperous 2018 season!

2018 Season Charity of Choice

The mission of Angels‘ Place is to provide on-going respite care and support services to a child with a life threatening disease and their family in a loving caring manner.

Angels’ Place was founded in 1997 by Anita Gilford. When her own son was in treatment for cancer, she found that there were few places her family could turn to for help. Because of this, she promised to dedicate her life to helping seriously ill children and their families. Her son won his fight against cancer and is now living a normal life while Ms. Gilford fulfills her promise through Angels’ Place.

Cam Jordan Sends Cam Newton A Bottle Of Wine Since He Does It All Game Long

Posted by | January 9, 2018.

After his Saints beat the Panthers Sunday in the NFC playoffs, Cameron Jordan @cameronjordan promised he’d send a gift to Panthers quarterback Cam Newton @cameronnewton

Monday, he kept his word, shipping a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Jordan Vineyard & Winery in California (the First-Team All-Pro defensive end is not related to the Jordan winery ownership).

Jordan posted a picture of the wine bottle on his Instagram account, along with an overnight shipping label addressed to Newton.

“Who would I be if I don’t follow through on my word?” Jordan wrote. Although Jordan apparently later deleted the post, the Internet never forgets.

The Saints and the Panthers have developed one of the best rivalries in football, thanks in part to Jordan’s and Newton’s gamesmanship and digs at each other. After the Saints beat the Panthers in Week 3 — the Saints won all three meetings this season — Jordan made fun of Newton’s “grandma hat.”