Rumor Has It, The Saints Are Preparing to Clean House Amid Troubled Locker Room

Posted by | January 10, 2024 .

While the Saints are reportedly keeping Dennis Allen around — at least that’s the most recent rumor — his inability to keep his own players in check is a bad look at minimum, and perhaps more evidence that he can’t cut it as an NFL head coach.
Don’t tell the New Orleans front office that, though. Despite spending $125 million on a new quarterback and improving the defense last offseason, the Saints underachieved. The offense found their way near the end of the season, but it was too late. Players were fed up.

Winston has one foot out the door and is set to enter free agency. And while he took responsibility for his actions, it speaks to the greater issue of Allen’s leadership. Something like this never would’ve occurred in Bill Belichick’s locker room, I can assure you. Instead, Winston’s Saints teammates view the veteran quarterback as the leader they’ve been lacking.

“This man is the best teammate I’ve ever had,” Jimmy Graham said on X. “Loves this city, this game and embodies everything you can ask for in a leader. Was a rare situation and we all take responsibility. Nobody thought it would get blown out of proportion. Also [f—] the falcons.”

While I have no issue with the late-game score — if Smith had a problem with it, his defense should’ve made a stop — Allen’s quick apology suggests it’s not a move he would have made. The disconnect in New Orleans is obvious.

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