New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Conference Call with New Orleans Media

Posted by | December 10, 2020.

Now that the Eagles have named Jalen Hurts the quarterback, are there specific things that they seem to like to do with him in the lineup?

“There’s an element of the running game that’s unique. And it’s not just zone read. Some of that you obviously saw with Carson (Wentz). Both those guys are athletic guys that can make plays out of the pocket. In fact, they’re both very good out of the pocket. But there is an element of the run game that will be important for us this week if we’re getting some design quarterback runs. So yeah, I mean, they’re different. And yet, we have to defend the defense that we see and then have good eyes and be smart enough to see what’s new that maybe we hadn’t seen.”

Is Hurts a guy that you that looked at in the draft process and if so what do you remember about him?

“We look at all these guys. I remember his college film, I remember going through the interview process. All of it, he’s someone that obviously won games. He transferred from Alabama and yeah, he was definitely one of the quarterbacks that we were paying attention to and making sure we researched and graded thoroughly.”

What are some of the things you see from their interior rush with Fletcher Cox and (Javon) Hargrave?

“Well, two things. Number one, they lead the league in sacks with just four man rushes, they lead the league in hurries, they lead the league in pressures and their way down at the bottom of the league relative to when they’re blitzing or dogging. So it’s a challenge when you can just run four and have that much success because you can play coverage behind it and now your throw’s got to come out of your hand a little quicker because of the pass rush, or going into coverage as opposed to just man to man. So it’s a really good front. They’re very athletic, they rush the passer extremely well and they present a lot of challenges.”

AK (Alvin Kamara) was a really big part of the passing game before Drew Brees’ rib injury. Why do you think that hasn’t been the case since?

“Well, some of it’s just been opponent driven. Some of it’s we’ve had two Atlanta games where I think at times his matchup goes inside and there’s some routes that we have called, but I’m not counting the Denver game. So I’m not particularly concerned.”

New Orleans Saints Safety Malcolm Jenkins Interview With New Orleans Media

Posted by | December 10, 2020.

How special is it just to be not only going back to Philadelphia but also going an hour away from Piscataway?

“I wish fans were allowed. We’ve been locked away here for a long time. It’s been a minute since I’ve seen my family so to be that close to home (and) not be able to touch and feel your family is a little tough, but I’m excited man. Obviously, accomplished a lot in that building, I’ve got a lot of friends that’ll be on the other side. I’m really looking forward to opportunity to compete.”

I wanted to ask you about not just the Eagles, but the city itself. What does that city mean to you?
“Man, I love that city. I call it home in the offseason. I’ve given myself, everything I’ve got into that community, invested a lot into that community and it’s given the same love back to me so that city holds a special place in my heart.”

If you look at that last play of the Falcons game on Sunday, the Hail Mary pass, it looks like Calvin Ridley makes no play for the ball and goes right at C.J. Gardner Johnson. Is that common on a Hail Mary to have one receiver just try to take defensive backs out? Or did that strike you as unusual that he took that opportunity to take a shot at C.J.? Does that make sense?

“Yeah, I didn’t see that. I was more focused on the ball. And even when I watched the tape, I really didn’t notice that. But for us, it’s about how do we win the down. So if a receiver wants to abandon the football, then better for us, we’ve got more numbers. I do not really have a comment on that. I didn’t notice it until you just said it.”

When it comes to C.J. it seems like almost every game we see somebody literally lose their mind at him. Is it among NFL players? Look, I know there’s a lot of talking, but is he like the Michael Jordan of talking on the field? Is he elite at that?

“Well, I think like anything, you create a reputation, right? Guys approach you based on what they’ve heard or seen on tape. So a lot of times, we’ll play teams and you can just tell that guys have that attitude coming into it that they’re not going to be the one to, I don’t know, take any of his crap, and they end up getting out of their our own game and he’s not even doing anything. So whatever he’s doing is effective. So I always tell him, live on the edge, play on the edge, just don’t hurt the team. I think he does a good job of that, really walking that line of being tough, in your face, but really never putting himself in a position where he hurts us as a unit. So I think that’s a positive.”

Do you think there’s any correlation between building depth like you guys have in the locker room culture, establishing a good locker room culture?

“100 percent. Luckily for me, I have been in two good locker rooms where you always preach depth and availability being huge factors in the type of players you put in a locker room. You want guys who are going to be committed to preparing like a starter, even though the chances of them playing are not there because we know in this league injuries happen, crazy things happen, especially now with COVID, the ability for people to step in and play without having to drop off is how you win consistently throughout a season. I think it is one of the things that obviously has helped us, especially on the back end over the last few weeks with guys kind of going in and out. We’ve been able to just plug in a new guy and keep our planning and production the same.”

Is there something to the culture of maybe guys wanting to come and play there in terms of if you’re a free agent or whatever?

“Yeah, I think we’ve got really some of the best backups in the league. I think Patrick Robinson is a great example of that, somebody who is a first round pick, played a lot of football in this league and really could start on the majority of teams in this league, but he is a backup for us and comes in and I think he has got just as much ball production as any of the corners we have. So that helps us obviously, when we’re trying to, and especially with the defense we have, we play a lot of man and man (looks). We need guys that can go up and cover and so when we lose somebody, having backups like that, that can come in and not lose a step is key to what we do.”

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Taysom Hill Interview With New Orleans Media

Posted by | December 10, 2020.

Now that you’ve watched the film from last week, what stands out to you that maybe wasn’t immediately at the forefront of your mind coming off of that one?

“Man, I felt we, I felt like we played really well, at every position. I felt like our O-line did a great job up front in the run game and in the pass game. And man, especially early, we were really good on third down. So I was really, really happy with that. Certainly there are some things that, you know, we could clean up as a whole, there are certain things that I could have done better. But overall, I thought we played pretty well.”

If Drew (Brees) is ready to come back and play, and if your three games as a starting quarterback are done for now, are you okay with the tape that you put out there with what you were able to show?

“Yeah, I mean, look, it is what it is. So, the tape doesn’t lie. I felt like, overall, I was happy, I was happy with what we did. And then at the end of the day, the statistic that you care about is wins and losses. And we won three games. And so, overall, I was really happy about that. And I feel like as a quarterback early in his career, certainly early in my career starting and everything else, I felt like managing and handling that overall, I was really happy with, knowing there are a lot of places that I could get better. But, it’s nice knowing that we were winning football games and still feeling like you could get better.”

I think you’re completing like 85% of your passes on third down? What about, you know, what has allowed you or what have you been focusing on to kind of have that success?

“Well, Coach (Payton) talks all the time, third down is a money down. We’ve got to be good on third down, keep drives alive, so we score touchdowns and not kick field goals. So that’s been an area of emphasis throughout the season. And I’d say that, as we step into tomorrow as our third down day, there has been a big emphasis on that, making sure that as a quarterback, I am comfortable with what we are trying to do, my reads and thought process, each individual play is clean and they’ve done a really good job about that, to where as I get the call, on third down, I know exactly what my thought process is. So part of it is coaches have done a great job. And then it’s nice when you have guys like Mike (Thomas) and Emmanuel (Sanders), Alvin (Kamara) and Jared (Cook) to get the ball to.”

You’ve been a part of now, a team that’s won three different NFC South titles. So, I was curious what this locker room looks like, how you think this group of guys is doing and how it compares to some of the teams you’ve been on in the past?

“Good question. I think the nice thing, at least since I’ve been here, this is obviously my fourth year, the leadership has really not changed. As you look at some of the captains that we’ve had, obviously Drew’s (Brees) been a consistent captain, Terron’s (Armstead) been consistent over the last couple years. And then, defensively Cam (Jordan) has been consistent. Demario (Davis) has been consistent. And so, I think the leadership’s set the expectation, the expectation is to win football games. This is an organization where we win football games. And Coach talked about it today, that as we step onto the facility onto the grounds, day one training camp, the number one goal is, and the first goal is to win the division. We certainly have goals that reach higher than that, but that’s the expectation. I think having consistent leadership has been really big.”

New Orleans Saints Defensive Tackle Sheldon Rankins Conference Call with New Orleans Media

Posted by | December 7, 2020.

What was it like to be back out there on the field?
“It felt good, obviously I’ve had my fair share of injuries and setbacks, so just being able to overcome something again and get back out there. Just trying to help this team, help the defense continue to do what they’ve been doing. We’re just playing great ball. Definitely, extremely rusty, but that’ll work itself out the more I get those live reps.”

While you’ve been watching defense, what are the things that you’ve noticed over this last period of time?
“They’re playing to the standard we’ve always held ourselves to. I think since I’ve been here and been a part of this defense, this culture, we have always held ourselves to a standard and not necessarily always going out and playing that way. In spurts. I think we’re just finally hitting that level of consistency where the preparation and the mental aspect is meeting the physical tools and the physical abilities that we know the players on this defense have. So, you’re seeing guys going out and playing, playing the right way, playing with effort, playing with energy. Guys know their assignments and guys are just flying around. There’s no thinking, there’s no hesitating, guys are just playing ball the right way and you see the results.”

When you got hurt, were you worried it was going to be a lot worse than it was, it just sounded like it was really painful when it happened?
“Absolutely. I’m pretty honest about, you know, everything with you guys. So I would be lying if I sat here and said I knew it was going be X amount of weeks out or whatever. No, when it happened I immediately thought the worst. Obviously because things I have already went through. But, just the initial shock, just the initial pain, I felt it was pretty excruciating. So no, I definitely initially thought it would be a lot worse than it was. But I am glad it wasn’t and I’m glad I was able to, to be able to rebound pretty quickly and be able to get back out there and get back to what I love doing.”

When you said you were rusty, do you feel health wise, I mean, do you feel like you’re at 100%, as far as the actual recovery from the injury?
“Yeah, I don’t feel like the injury held me back at all. There’s only certain feels and certain things you can receive in a live game, live full speed reps going against somebody else.”

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Conference Call with New Orleans Media

Posted by | December 7, 2020.

Does it look like Michael Thomas has gotten back in his comfort zone? And it seems like he’s a guy that any quarterback you have on the roster can rely on?
“I think, first off, I’m proud of him, because I know it’s, it’s been a grind working back, he’s still trying to get to 100%. Obviously, the injury he had was significant. But I would agree in that. Man, he’s come up with some big plays here and for a quarterback, new in the lineup, you know, to have that target in someone who is going to come down with the ball, make plays, that’s a big deal. So, he’s doing well.”

How does it seem that he’s (Michael Thomas) able to sync in with whichever quarterback, he doesn’t get the same amount of reps with all of them, but how does he manage to sync with all of them?
“Well, look, it starts with being a great receiver. He’s able to separate, he gives you a great target radius, an area to throw to and I think that suits anybody who’s passing the ball to him. The key each week is to find different route concepts to give him those opportunities and continue to find more of those even in the red zone.”

How did you think Sheldon (Rankins) did his first game back?
“I thought it was good to have him back out there and it was a minute (time sidelined) since he played last. So it is going to be a little different. He will be a little sore today. But there’s a lot that comes with him and his ability to not only play the run, (but) to rush the passer and I think he has I would say, a lot of real good leadership qualities as well.”

After getting a chance to look at the film, another big game on the ground in terms of rushing yards, what were some of the keys that you saw once you looked at the film to kind of have that kind of outing?
“(I) think in yesterday’s case, look, there were some real good signs. We had two big explosives, obviously Alvin’s (Kamara) run and Taysom’s (Hill) run and then there were a lot of positive plays, the touchdown to Alvin (Kamara), a handful of things that we can do a better job with, from a consistency standpoint. But I think in yesterday’s game, it was about some of the big runs.”

On Alvin’s (Kamara) big run, I think it was Tre’Quan (Smith) who had a nice block on the outside. How good of a blocker is Tre’Quan (Smith)?
“I think he’s a real good blocker. I think he’s physical. I think he’s long, and that helps, when you have that size and length with your wingspan. And the other thing is he’s willing and extremely unselfish.”

Yesterday, you all clinched a playoff berth, was that a big deal to you all or did you need to talk about it after the game?
“No, I do not think so. I mean, yeah. I mean, we found out about it afterwards. But, I don’t know that that was something that we were waiting to hear on or anything like that. I guess it had something to do with another NFC team (Chicago) losing. But look, I think the focus in this league is to win your division. The next focus is to put yourself in the best position, playoff wise and those are the things we’re focused on.”

I know I’m asking this knowing there won’t be some grand announcement or anything, but is there an update on Drew (Brees) and how his progress is going and a potential timetable at all?
“I’ve not seen anything. I think he’s working (hard). I know he’s spending a ton of time with Beau (Lowery) in the training room and so I think it would be early. I honestly wouldn’t be able to give you a time frame. He’s like a handful of the other guys that are down there working their tails off to get back healthy, 100% and we’ll kind of see when that is.”

On Taysom Hill, did you see improvement in his quickness of his decisionmaking. In the pocket, did you see him get more decisive and act more quickly (than the other games)?
“Yeah, I think you’ve got to eliminate last week, in fairness to the process and look at the first game versus Atlanta, (and then) which was his third game, second game versus Atlanta. I felt like the thing I was impressed with (was) his third down (decisionmaking) and our conversion percentage and I did feel watching, just during the game, even the decisiveness as to where to go with the football. There is some heat on it, our receivers and tight ends and everyone is getting adjusted to the way it is coming out and I was pleased with that.”

What about just how he (Taysom Hill) is, you know, in the huddle, getting guys lined up, I think Jared Cook mentioned that that was an area he’s really seen Taysom come along?
“Yeah and listen, part of that is on the other 10. You get used to one thing for so long and Drew (Brees) kind of, is there to handle everyone’s problems and everyone’s issues and everyone’s little intricacies. And look, the O- Line, the tight ends, running backs, receivers, everyone has to focus on their specific job and I think that’s something that just comes with time and experience.”

In the face of pressure, do you think (Taysom) is maybe a little better, then some people really, you see yesterday he had a bunch of throws with guys really buried down on him?
“We’ve got to do a better job with some of our protections. I think you’re right, I think he made some very impressive throws. It’s a tough front. But we had a couple free rushes that we’ve got to clean up.”

I know that yesterday, the Eagles made a quarterback change in the game and then Doug Pederson said he will not announce a starter, just maybe the challenges of your defense having to prepare for two guys, especially when you have maybe just a lot of college film and not a lot of NFL film on one (Jalen Hurts) of them?
“Yeah, look, I think you prepare first for the offense. And then you recognize the nuances when you have a quarterback who’s in the game that has a little bit more mobility, and they see that with Taysom sometimes. But I think you’ve got to prepare for the offense that you’re playing. And then more specifically, the skillset of who’s in there Carson (Wentz) is a guy when he is in there that moves well, that can escape and run. So in either case, you’re going to be playing a quarterback who’s a real good athlete.”

The Saints Are On The Road To The Super Bowl With The #1 Defense In The NFL

Posted by | December 2, 2020.

New Orleans Saints (9-2) controls the NFC playoff race after their defense held a hapless Denver Broncos (4-7) offense to 3 points on Sunday, winning 31-3. New Orleans bolsters the #1 total defense in the NFL by allowing 284.9 yards per game. The Saints defense is #2 in the league against opponent’s rushing at 76.6 yards per game allowed. Last but not least, the New Orleans secondary is yielding 208.3 yards per game, which is 5th in the NFL, giving them the name “The DOMEinators

The complementary styles of linebackers Demario Davis and Kwon Alexander have been key factors in the Saints’ last two routs of the Falcons and Broncos. Since Alexander’s insertion into the starting lineup over Alex Anzalone, the players have combined for 22 tackles, 1 sack, 1 fumble recovery, 2 passes defended, 2 quarterback hits, and 1 thrown for a loss in those two games. They have also affected the opposing offensive playcalling because of their sideline-to-sideline speed, pressures, tackling, and pass coverage skills.

Defensive ends Cam Jordan, Trey Hendrickson, and Marcus Davenport, along with defensive tackles David Onyemata, and Malcom Brown are notable defensive linemen contributing to New Orleans defensive success in their eight-game winning streak. We should also mention the improved play of the defensive secondary, especially safety Malcolm Jenkins and defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, over the past several weeks has aided in the Saints’ rise to the top of the NFC playoff standings.

Interesting fact. Sean Payton led his backup quarterbacks to a 7-1 record when Drew Brees was out from an injury in 15 seasons. The lone loss was falling 22-27 to the Carolina Panthers with quarterback Luke McNown subbing for Brees (rotator cuff injury).

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The Saints Defense AKA “The DOMEinators”

Posted by | November 30, 2020.

Once upon a time there was the Dome Patrol was the linebacker corps of the National Football League’s New Orleans Saints during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Under head coach Jim Mora, it formed the second level of defensive coordinator Steve Sidwell’s 3–4 defense, considered to be among the most formidable 3–4 defenses in NFL history.

As a unit, all four players were on the Saints roster for seven seasons, from 1986 to 1992, and the players combined for 18 Pro Bowls while with the team. All four linebackers were invited to the Pro Bowl for 1992, the only time four linebackers from one team have made a Pro Bowl together.

Today we have “The DOMEinators”, the nickname given to the Saints defense as a whole. The Saints defense tend to dominate their opponent when played in their domain, the New Orleans Superdome.

Some of the most notable members of The DOMEinators are:

#56 Demario Davis
#94 Cam Jordan
#91 Trey Hendrickson
#47 Alex Anzalone
#43 Marcus Williams
#27 Malcolm Jenkins
#23 Marshon Lattimore
#92 Marcus Davenport
#22 Chauncey Gardner-Johnson
#58 Kwon Alexander

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Talks About Upcoming Denver Game

Posted by | November 25, 2020.

What is the scouting report on playing in Denver in snow? Something you guys don’t do very often

“Yeah, good question. For years, you try to figure out when you travel to altitude, and I think all the research and science suggests you go not as late as possible. If you’re going to go early to get acclimated, you need to go 10 days prior, obviously, that’s not happening. So I think that there’s a big focus on hydration during the week and then traveling in on Saturday rather than Friday.”

What are some of the challenges Drew Lock will pose for our team?

“I think the very first one is a very good running game. And when they’re able to get that going, and they did last week, then that quarterback becomes dangerous relative to the play action, the balance. And so I think it starts with their running game. And they’ve got two really good backs and (Phillip) Lindsay and (Melvin) Gordon.”

You brought Trevor Simeon, what are you hoping from him?

“Yeah, we brought him in. Look, today will be his first day, it’ll give us a chance to see him for the first time. And with everything that’s going on right now, the ability for us to have a third quarterback trained and ready in the event, someone got Covid, or something else happened. We just felt strongly that that was something we needed to do.”

When you look at Denver defensively, what are you seeing?

“Well, two things. I’ve known Vic (Fangio) a long time, he’s going to play out of a base 34 front. And he’s also going to play out of a nickel package and some dime on third downs. The challenges are sometimes you’ll see his nickel to your base, and sometimes his 3-4 to your nickel. And so he’s an outstanding defensive coach. He has a great staff, a veteran staff there. And they’ve played good defense this season. And so I think the identification as to front and coverage when they’re in their base package, and then understanding what they’re trying to do in their subpackage.”

Saints Name Taysom Hill As Starting QB After Brees Is Put On Injured Reserve

Posted by | November 21, 2020.

On Sunday, will Sean Payton and Taysom Hill finally quiet doubters and critics as they usher in the Taysom Hill Experience in New Orleans Saints Football?

Saints fans and Who Dats from all over the world welcome to the Taysom Hill experience. Well, the day finally comes in the Big Easy, where Taysom Hill is no longer an experiment but an experience.

Like a skillful gambler, Sean Payton has yet to show his hand and acknowledge Hill will start over Winston on Sunday against the Falcons. Reports from Adam Schefter, Diana Russini, and Tom Pelissero have him penciled-in as the starter. This may be the case. Or, not.

Is this a great Sean Payton Bluff? Possibly. I also bet and believe Coach Payton is going “all in” with Taysom Hill.


Falcons Head Coach, Raheem Morris Was Interviewed By The Saints

Posted by | November 18, 2020.

Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Raheem Morris
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

You have been in the same division with Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill the past few years, what are some of the challenges each of them pose?
“Jameis when he was in Tampa, he showed ability, showed the big arm throwing the ball down the field, a good vertical thrower, pushing it down the field to some of the big wideouts he had in Tampa. He had a lot of success and a bunch of yards he was able to put up and obviously he had a couple of woes that made him find his way to New Orleans. But, you are talking about a talented guy with a big arm that can make almost every throw on the football field and then when you talk about Taysom you talk about a guy that is very unique in his skillset, brings a bunch of stuff in the quarterback run game that he can also bring in the pass game. He also has a unique skillset that gives him the ability to put himself in the play action game. He’s just talented enough to move to tight end, talented enough to move to fullback, talented enough to move to wide receiver. He’s just kind of that guy, that swiss army knife that has the ability to go out there and make plays and absolutely ruin games for people because he can go anywhere, including special teams.”

Does that change up how you gameplan or is it more preparing for the Saints offense as it has been for a long time and how you’ve prepared for them for a long time?
“I know as long as Sean Payton is there and Pete Carmichael is there, those guys are going to do what the Saints do and one of the best things that those coaches do in my opinion is put guys in really good roles. They’ve been doing the role game really well for a long time. The name switches from Marques Colston to Michael Thomas. The names have gone from Deuce McAllister and Mark Ingram to now Latavius Murray and now it goes from Reggie Bush to Alvin Kamara. I’ve been able to see these guys put people in different roles and look very similar over the years and use people in these roles where they have positive results.”

Can you point to anything specific that’s led to the improvement in defense and if you have done anything differently schematically?
“When you go into it, you need a deep dive and all the times you are going to have up and down woes as part of the game, whether it’s third down, whether it be situational, whether It be focusing, whether it be something (else) you want to focus on. The thing that we’ve tried to focus on the most is us and that’s focusing on our opponent and getting our jobs done. Our jobs is scoring and getting the ball back and leaving simple messaging, keeping it real simple, real sweet, defined for the players and the coaches.”

Drew Brees Injury Described In A Picture

Posted by | November 18, 2020.

New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees has fractured ribs, collapsed lung, source says

Posted by | November 18, 2020.

The results of medical evaluations performed Monday on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees revealed that he has multiple rib fractures on both sides of his chest and a collapsed lung on the right side, according to a source.

Brees is unsure how much time he might be forced to miss before returning to start for the Saints, the source said.

The most optimistic timetable for a return is two to three weeks, but the people involved are prepared for it to be longer, a source told ESPN’s Dan Graziano. It will depend on how long Brees’ injuries take to heal, which varies from patient to patient, and when the Saints are convinced he is able to take a hit without risk of serious reinjury. There is hope that he will return in time for the playoffs.

Brees is suffering from three fractured ribs on his left side and two on the right, possibly more, according to the source. Doctors have cautioned Brees to be especially careful with the damage to his lung

Read more here.

Walker: Saints defense proves it can carry wins, but will Brees’ injury mean it has to?

Posted by | November 18, 2020.

How tough are these 2020 New Orleans Saints?

About as tough as receiver Tre’Quan Smith, who somehow managed to walk off the field in the second quarter on Sunday after taking a hard-to-watch hit to the head that bent his neck awkwardly, causing a concussion.

As tough as Drew Brees, who played the final 8 minutes and 42 seconds of the first half with an injury that his 41-year old body was unable to play through in the second half.

As tough and resilient as the Saints defense, just a few weeks removed from being considered the team’s weak link, now all of a sudden looking like a strength again.

Read more here.

Saints Host Falcons Week 2020

Posted by | November 16, 2020.

The annual Saints host Falcons week is upon us once again, this time for the incredibly strange year of 2020. This divisional showdown will be the 24th all-time meeting between quarterbacks Drew Brees and Matt Ryan, extending their NFL record for most meetings between two quarterbacks. Although considered one of the NFL’s fiercest rivalries, this season will mark the first time since 2014 that one of the meetings between the Saints and Falcons isn’t currently scheduled for prime time. What better way to spend a weekend in New Orleans. Reserve a nice hotel room, get your Saints gameday apparel ready and be ready to have a great time despite a few changes due to covid-19

If you are planning on going to the game, make sure you get authentic saints tickets and be careful of the counterfeit ones. With the ticket system being 100% digital it is very easy for you to think you have a ticket to the game when you may just have a photoshopped screenshot.
The Big Easy is a great place to be for an NFL football game, especially the Saints. The entire city dresses in Black and Gold and you hear the Saints Anthem on every street corner.

If you aren’t going to the game, don’t worry- there’s plenty of bars in the surrounding area for you to continue the party!

Walk-Ons Bistreaux & Bar, conveniently located a few blocks from the Superdome, is one of the most popular places locals and tourists go to watch sports games. With over 100 flat-screen TVs, great food and drinks, and a fun sports-themed atmosphere, it’s no surprise they were voted “No. 1 Sports Bar in America” by ESPN. It also helps that our beloved quarterback Drew Brees is co-owner of the company.

The Rusty Nail might be a little hard to find as it is located almost directly under the I-10 overpass, but don’t let that steer you away from the popular Warehouse District bar. On game days, they bring in bleachers for regular season games and play music during commercials to give their patrons the best game-day experience.

Upcoming Saints Home Games And Ticket Availability

Posted by | November 9, 2020.

Saints vs 49ers
Sunday November 15, 2020 3:25pm cst
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Saints vs Falcons
Sunday November 22, 2020 12pm cst
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Saints’ season starting to resemble past 3 playoff pushes

Posted by | October 28, 2020.

Saints defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins is seeing a pattern — and an encouraging one at that.
In each of the previous three seasons, the Saints overcame some early season adversity and swept all of their October games en route to an NFC South crown.
For a fourth straight season, the Saints have won all of their October games again — three this year because their bye fell in Week 6.

The winning streak has New Orleans (4-2), which stumbled to a 1-2 start, just a half-game back of Tampa Bay for the top spot in the division with 10 games to go.

“We don’t ever plan for early season stumbles or anything like that, but … adversity to start a season is nothing new to us. We’ve faced it before. We know what it takes to get on a roll and start winning some games,” Rankins said. “We’ve always found a way to weather the storm. And we’ll continue to get better and continue to fix the things that need to be fixed. And we’ll get on a roll here.”

His reasons for optimism start with his own health, which has steadily improved, along with his effectiveness, as he’s come back from surgery aimed at shoring up his Achilles tendon. Then there’s the health of the defensive front as a whole, which two games ago got 2018 first-round draft choice Marcus Davenport back at defensive end.

Then there’s the offense, which, despite getting less healthy at receiver — Michael Thomas (hamstring) and Emmanuel Sanders (COVID-19) were both out last weekend — still was so methodically dominant that the Saints possessed the ball nearly 35 minutes and did not punt in a 27-24 triumph over Carolina on Sunday.
Quarterback Drew Brees, now 41 and in his 20th season, has looked younger as the season has gone on. He completed 80.6 percent of his passes against the Panthers for 287 yards and two TDs. He also dove over a pile of linemen on the goal line for another 1-yard score.

And the running game has been flourishing, led by the tandem of the dynamic Alvin Kamara and bruising Latavius Murray.
“We are being able to run the ball efficiently,” Kamara said. “We’re getting the looks in the passing game we want. We’re getting the ball down the field. Everybody’s stepping up. Everybody is doing their job.”

A few tidbits you may have missed about the New Orleans Saints in Week 7

Posted by | October 28, 2020.

More Brees History

• Drew Brees tossed his 7,000th completed pass to rookie wide receiver Marquez Callaway. He is the only NFL quarterback to surpass this mark. It’s quite an accomplishment for a 2nd pick who was considered too short to play the position long-term in the league. Congratulations, Mr. Brees!

• Brees is back on top in the NFL and leads the QBs in completion percentage rate at 72.6%. Guess who’s behind him? Former Saints QB Teddy Bridgewater. The current Panthers ace is at 72.2% on the year.

More Kamara in the Books

• According to the NFL statisticians, New Orleans running back ALVIN KAMARA registered eight receptions and 148 scrimmage yards (83 rushing, 65 receiving) in the Saints’ 27-24 win against Carolina.

• Kamara has 2,528 career receiving yards and is the fourth running back in NFL history with at least 2,500 receiving yards in his first four seasons, joining ROGER CRAIG (2,742), CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY (2,590), and Pro Football Hall of Famer LENNY MOORE (2,573).

• Kamara has at least five receptions in 32 games, tied with ROGER CRAIG (32 games) for the second-most among running backs in their first four seasons in NFL history. Only CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY (34 games) has more. (Data provided by NFL Communications)

Who’s the Kid from Tennessee?

Saints fans reflect on 1st live game in Superdome: ‘I feel safe’ said one clown

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The Saints’ win was only one major storyline from Week 8 in New Orleans. The other: 3,000 Who Dats getting into the building for the first time in the 2020 season.

That number in attendance for the Saints’ victory over the Carolina Panthers represented less than 5% of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s capacity, but represented a significant benchmark as city and team officials move forward in the new normal amid coronavirus pandemic.

Reflecting outside the Superdome after the game, several fans applauded the team’s handling of the gameday experience, feelings of safety with the many precautions in place and one significant point of discussion going forward.

“We can fit more people in the stadium. We could’ve had four times as much and still had space, I think,” said one fan that was decorated in full clown makeup.

The Saints played without fans entirely in Week 1, and several friends and family members were allowed in attendance for the next two games. After discussions about potentially holding home games in Baton Rouge where LSU has played in front of a maximum crowd of 25,000, city officials agreed to allow this week’s number with the potential to progressively raise the capacity if no larger issues with the pandemic are encountered.

One of those 3,000 fans in attendance was Larry Rolling, known as “the sign guy” and a mainstay of broadcasts from the Superdome with his eye-catching messages each week.

“Hey Saints, we all mask for you,” read Rolling’s sign at this week’s game.

He lauded Superdome workers for ensuring fans kept their mask on throughout the game.
“I felt safe, absolutely. … It was a great experience,” Rolling said.

New Orleans now has two weeks of Saints road games before having to make a determination on capacity for the next home game in Week 10 against the San Francisco 49ers, and then another divisional clash in Week 11. The Saints then go on the road for three road games before returning in Week 15 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

As Juwan Johnson breaks Saints debut news to wife, first questions, then priceless reaction

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A Saints wide receiver went viral for playing in Week 7.

But it had nothing to do with how he played, and it all happened at the kitchen counter.

Saints undrafted rookie Juwan Johnson shared a clip this week of the moment he broke the news to his wife, Chanen, that he had been elevated from the Saints’ practice squad and would be making his NFL debut against the Carolina Panthers.

Johnson posted the video to their shared TikTok account, titled “Hangin’ With The Johnsons” and self-described as the “goofiest & most loved married couple On Tiktok.”

After grinning toward the camera lens, he says: “Chan, I gotta tell you something.”

Nonplussed, Chanen replies with a hearty “yessir,” but continues tapping on her phone.

“I … am supposed to be playing this week,” Juwan Johnson continues.

At that point Chanen drops her phone in excitement. She first makes sure to check whether it was some sort of prank.