Who Dat Quiz #2


The Who Dat Quiz #2

Test Your New Orleans Saints Knowledge

  1. Which of these Saints players had the most career sacks?
  2. Cam Jordan
    Rickey Jackson
    Pat Swilling
    Darren Sharper

  3. Who was the Saints starting quarterback for the 2001 season?
  4. Archie Manning
    Jeff Blake
    Jake Delhomme
    Aaron Brooks

  5. In 2001 who was the player that threw the helmet of a Jets player?
  6. Kyle Turley
    Joe Horn
    Willie Roaf
    Rickey Williams

  7. What Saints football coach has had the honor of receiving the ‘Coach of the Year’ award?
  8. Jim Haslett
    Jim Mora
    Bum Phillips
    Sean Payton

  9. How long was the kick by Tom Dempsey to break the record?
  10. 67 yards
    70 yards
    64 yards
    63 yards

  11. What jersey numbers did the famed Dome Patrol linebackers wear?
  12. 53, 56, 57, 65
    9, 12, 80, 28
    51, 53, 56, 57
    53, 55, 56, 57

  13. Who was the first player taken by the Saints in the 1967 NFL draft?
  14. John Gilliam
    Archie Manning
    Paige Cothren
    Les Kelly

  15. Who was the radio talk show host for the Saints in 2001?
  16. Buddy D
    Jim Henderson
    Hokie Gajan
    Deke Bellavia

  17. In 1991, what was the catch phrase for the New Orleans Saints
  18. Who Dat
    Cha Ching
    The Chin Is In
    Stand Up And Get Crunk

  19. What team did the Saints defeat in their first home game after Hurricane Katrina?
  20. Houston Texans
    Dallas Cowboys
    Minnesota Vikings
    Atlanta Falcons

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