Whooty Da Owl, The Official Mascot Of The Big Easy Mafia

Whooty da owl

“Whooty Da Owl” often journeys to exotic places like Dubai and Budapest. But no matter where he goes, he takes a part of New Orleans with him, sparking interesting conversations along the way.

Whooty, once just an ordinary decoy yard owl, was found on the streets of NOLA after a win over Carolina in 2009, and was rescued by his now owner a diehard Saints fan. After the Saints Super Bowl win, Whooty was considered a “good luck” charm for The Who Dat Nation.

At the start of the 2011 season, Whooty really came into his own, with a Facebook page, a Twitter account and being named the mascot of the official fan club of The Who Dat Nation, The Big Easy Mafia.

What started off as a joke has morphed into something so much more than just a plastic yard owl. Whooty is widely known around The Who Dat Nation and is constantly approached for photo ops before the Saints games. Whooty is also a big part of different charity events, including Charlie’s Saints Marching Club and Team Gleason fundraisers.

If you see Whooty around the Superdome on Saints Gameday, don’t be afraid to come and take a picture with him.

Make sure you get yourself one of Whootys official Tshirts custom made by local New Orleans artist Josh Wingerter. A percentage of every Tshirt sold will be donated to our charity “Saints Fans Being Saints”

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