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~ Big Easy Mafia® is The Premier Fan Club of the New Orleans Saints but is not affiliated with the New Orleans Saints Organization or the NFL in any way.

~ The Big Easy Mafia® fan club works closely with charities and non-profit organizations. Big Easy Mafia® is NOT a non-profit organization. All profits made from Big Easy Mafia® branded merchandise sold through this website goes directly back into the fan club to cover marketing expenses, travel expenses, and both new and existing merchandise.
(It does take money to keep this fan club running successfully.)

~ When the Big Easy Mafia® fan club attends a charitable type event and sells Big Easy Mafia® branded merchandise, an agreement is made with the host of the event where the fan club WILL donate 100% of the “Profits” made while we are out there.

~ If a statement is made by the Big Easy Mafia® fan club stating that any portion of sales and or donations will be going to a certain charity, then that’s EXACTLY what will happen, it will be donated to the charity stated.

If for some reason you question the integrity of The Big Easy Mafia Saints Fan Club, you can email erick@bigeasymafia.com

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