What Is The Big Easy MAFIA ?

Arguably one of the most enthusiastic and recognizable fan bases in the NFL, The Big Easy Mafia, was founded in 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a part of the Who Dat Nation, The Big Easy Mafia are the Diehard members of the Saints fanbase. Many of whom dawn black and gold outfits every game at the Mercedes Benz Superdome.

The Big Easy Mafia represents the die-hard Saints fans, the ones committed to their team regardless if they win or lose. The Big Easy Mafia unites Saints fans worldwide. It is a family that represents the pride, tradition, and commitment of the New Orleans Saints, which is what truly makes the Big Easy Mafia the most loyal and passionate fans in the NFL.

The Big Easy Mafia aims to reach out and join forces with all who bleed Black and Gold. With chapters both in the U.S. and abroad, The Big Easy Mafia promotes team spirit, community outreach, civic pride, and the ultimate family of Saints fans.

M.A.F.I.A is an acronym for:
Motivated Authentic Fans In Alliance”


People often ask “How do I join the Big Easy Mafia?” Our response has always been the same: “Do you bleed Black & Gold? Do you EAT, SLEEP, and BREATHE Saints Football? Then you’re a perfect candidate for the MAFIA and you can join by Clicking Here

There have been some misconceptions along the way, so we will clear them up.

1) ANY and ALL Saints fans can be a member of Big Easy Mafia

2) You DO NOT have to wear a costume or be known as a “Saints Superfan” to be a member of Big Easy Mafia

3) It’s 100% FREE to be a member of Big Easy Mafia (the purchase of merchandise is voluntary and optional)


If you want to become a member of the Big Easy Mafia then Click Here