Why Drew Brees Is the Real G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)

Posted by | December 17, 2019 .

People are always comparing Drew Brees to Tom Brady. Just about everyone unless you’re a Saints fan always says that Tom Brady is the “G.O.A.T.”. Brady’s success is measured by being the Quarterback of a Super Bowl caliber team his entire career. Since 2006 the Patriots had a winning season every year with the lowest record being 10/6 in 2009. When you’re the QB of a team that good, you just can’t help but to break records and stand out. It’s not because you are all that spectacular and skilled. It’s because you have a good offensive line that gives you good protection so you have more time to scan the field. You have elite receivers that catch just about anything their fingers touch. Don’t get me wrong, Tom Brady is a excellent Quarterback he definitely is a first ballot hall of famer, but he is considered to be the “Greatest of all Time” because of how many Super Bowl rings his “Team” has won.

Now let’s take a look at Drew Brees, his success is measured by being the Quarterback of a sometime mediocre, sometimes good, and a few times, a Super Bowl caliber team, that’s just the facts according to the seasons record. Since 2006 the time that Brees has played for the Saints, they had 5 losing seasons, one .500 (8/8) season, and 7 winning seasons. He has managed to break almost every record that a QB can break in the NFL. He’s managed to be listed in the NFL as an elite QB and also recognized as a first ballot hall of famer all while being the QB of a team that has sometimes struggled.

That tells me that as an individual and their skill set, Brees blows Brady out of the water. If Drew Brees put up those numbers with a team that had 5 losing seasons out of 14, imagine what he could’ve done if he was playing on a team that had 14 winning seasons out of 14. That’s comparing apples to oranges.

We need to start looking at what have they done as an “individual” and stop looking at what the team accomplished. The “team” won those 6 Patriots Super Bowl rings both offensively and defensively. Drew Brees broke all of those records with just him and his receivers.

So the big question is……. Who’s the real G.O.A.T.? Drew Brees….hands down

Saints Season Records:

2006- 10/6
2007- 7/9
2008- 8/8
2009- 13/3
2010- 11/5
2011- 13/3
2012- 7/9
2013- 11/5
2014- 7/9
2015- 7/9
2016- 7/9
2017- 11/5
2018- 13/3

Patriots Season Records:

2006- 12/4
2007- 16/0
2008- 11/5
2009- 10/6
2010- 14/2
2011- 13/3
2012- 12/4
2013- 12/4
2014- 12/4
2015- 12/4
2016- 14/2
2017- 13/3
2018- 11/5