Why didn’t the New Orleans Saints draft J.T. Barrett?

Posted by | May 3, 2018 .

(Photo by sportsonearth.com)

The New Orleans Saints have signed quarterback J.T. Barrett this week to a three-year contract. Barrett went undrafted throughout the 2018 NFL Draft. However, the Saints decided to initially scoop him up for an invite to the Saints mini camp. Of course, there’s no guarantee that J.T. Barrett does make the team after training camp. The Saints have the upper hand with nothing to lose. In addition, the Saints are bringing quarterback Brandon Silvers for a tryout in mini camp too. Silvers helped lead Troy over LSU last year.

Surprisingly, Barrett was not one of the top tier quarterbacks in this draft. Most experts had him ranked somewhere between the 15th and 20th quarterback coming into the NFL Draft. Still, it’s a little puzzling that he got signed after being recruited just for a tryout. Nevertheless, the Saints can cut Barrett at any time with nothing to lose. Be that as it may, there has to be questions of what stood out in the last 48 hours.

Quarterback Brandon Silvers also got an invite to rookie mini camp too, but there was no contract for him. Obviously, Barrett did something to impress the Saints quickly. Here are a couple of sites that do prospect rankings for the NFL Draft. Walterfootball.com had Brandon Silvers at 19th and Barrett at the 20th ranked quarterback. Additionally, NFL.com had Barrett ranked at 18th and Silvers at 20th in their prospect rankings. Could something have changed this week? Of course, things change for sure by the minute after the draft is over. However, it’s still puzzling why the Saints didn’t just pick him in the sixth or seventh round. Regardless, a heated battle is coming soon. The Saints may keep three quarterbacks on their roster with an additional possible spot on the practice squad.

Above all, plenty of fans are going to be curious when camp opens this summer. With this is mind, it’s no secret that the Saints have changed their tune a bit by signing another quarterback. In 2018, there has to be a backup that can be trusted, if the call comes in. Hopefully, that won’t happen.