“Who Dat Fest” An Annual Festival For Both New Orleanians And Saints Fans

Posted by | April 2, 2019 .

We are wanting to add a new annual festival to the New Orleans line up. This one would be focusing on the New Orleans Saints and its fans. We will call it “Who Dat Fest”. It’s only in the planning stages right now as we see if the Who Dat Nation has an interest in something like this.

“Who Dat Fest” will be an annual music/food festival that celebrates both our fandom of our beloved New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans culture prior to the start of the season.

* There will be food vendors from the most popular restaurants in and around New Orleans. There will also be music performances from local music artists.

* Proceeds from the fest will be donated to a local charity TBA

If you are interested or want to be a part of the planning process please visit the Facebook Page and leave a comment or send a message.