WDN4L = Who Dat Nation For Life

Where did the term “Who Dat Nation” come from? According to Bobby Hebert, AKA, “The Cajun Cannon”, a former  Saints quarterback and currently a sports commentator in New Orleans. The term “Who Dat Nation” was founded by Hebert, after a highly anticipated 2006 game between the Saints and the favored Dallas Cowboys, in which the Saints won. After the game, listeners from a wide geographic range called into Hebert’s radio show on WWL. Hebert commented, “Man, there’s a whole Who Dat Nation out there.” 

The “Who Dat Nation” refers to the general community of New Orleans Saints fans. Basically any “ordinary” fan that wears black & gold Saints attire on gameday is considered to be a member of the Who Dat Nation.

The “Big Easy Mafia” on the other hand is the specific group of “Diehard” Saints fans. Usually the obsessed fanatic that Eat, Sleep and Breathe Saints Football. Just know that not all Saints fans are diehards. The Big Easy Mafia separates the “Diehard Fans” from the “Ordinary Fans”.

“Why be ordinary…… be a Diehard”