#TackleDatCancer, It’s More Than A Hashtag…. It’s A Cancer Awareness Movement In New Orleans

#TackleDatCancer is more than just a social media hashtag, It’s A Cancer Awareness Movement In New Orleans. Bringing The Huge Number Of Saints Fans Together To Make A Difference. We focus on Childhood Cancer and Breast Cancer awareness due to the fact that the awareness months are in September and October, the beginning of football season. We do not discount any of the other cancer awareness movements as ALL cancers are just as important to find a cure for.

#TackleDatCancer is responsible for raising money for local cancer organizations in and around the New Orleans metro area, including one in particular, Angels’ Place.

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The Official #TackleDatCancer Event Shirt
100% of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will be donated to charity, 50% will go to childhood cancer awareness and 50% will go to breast cancer awareness

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