Ndamukong Suh, The “Dirtiest” Player In NFL Football

Posted by | March 24, 2018 .

What a blessing in disguise that Ndamukong Suh did not choose to come to the Saints. I know there was a lot of talk about how good he is and how much of an asset he would be to the Saints organization, but lets face it, he’s a cancer in the locker room among his teammates. He simply is not a well likable person and he is not a rule follower.

Suh has heard the word applied to his play before. In fact, he’s heard it frequently over the course of his NFL career. He’s actually been voted the dirtiest player in the NFL by his peers. He’s even had a conversation with Commissioner Roger Goodell about it.

We all know it’s football and that it is a brutal sport, pretty common sense right. What actually makes Suh a “dirty player” is because he simply does what the hell he wants to do and thinks the “RULES” that are in place do not pertain to him. The same “RULES” that 98% of every other NFL player seems to be able to follow. If that same mind set was implemented out in society…. what would be the outcome?

It’s a pretty simple process when you’re at the workplace, and the football field is the workplace for these guys. They have “RULES” that are put in place for you to follow whether you agree with them or not. If you choose not to follow them, you will have to suffer the consequences. If you continue to not follow the “RULES” that are required and expected you will be terminated and set free to find a new job.

LeGarrette Blount can’t stand him as he went on to make this statement “There’s not many guys in this league who like that guy,” Blount said. “He’s a dirty player. He’s always been a dirty player. There’s no room in the game for that. At some point in time, guys have to defend themselves when he’s doing the things that he does.”

Suh, as he has after the many past punishments in the form of fines and lost games, shrugged off the controversy.

Suh stated, “Guys are just children sometimes,” he said, “but at the end of the day you take care of your business and continue to play, as I did.”

Suh has had his share of run-ins with the NFL law, with nearly $300,000 in fines.