Sean Payton may be cooking up something different for the 2018 New Orleans Saints

Posted by | June 3, 2018 .

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton celebrates after a replay reversed a referee’s call and awarded the Saints a touchdown on a run by runningback Reggie Bush against the Minnesota Vikings in the fourth quarter of the NFL NFC Championship football game in New Orleans, Louisiana, January 24, 2010. REUTERS/Jeff Haynes (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

Sean Payton makes changes from time to time. In 2018, there are plenty of signs of new ingredients being added to keep teams on their toes.

Every year is a new beginning. Mini camps bring in a new set of players. In July, things start heating up with training camp. Not to mention, coaches are going to be trying to incorporate new players to create the perfect chemistry. Back in 2014, Sean Payton decided to change up the menu to add some spice to the locker room. Popeye’s was brought in to the locker room before the Saints played the Philadelphia Eagles in 2014.

“The Saints, hungry for a road win, just needed to put Popeyes on the menu,” Robert Meachem said.

The Saints ended up winning their first playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles on the very next day. Of course, there is no proof that a five piece was the cure for the road woes. However, the chicken surely couldn’t hurt.

Last year, Taysom Hill played special teams. Hill was the third string quarterback, but he blazed downfield like 10-year veteran.

Indeed, those are just a couple of examples from the creativity that Payton has produced. Who Dat Nation will never forget the onsides kick in the Super Bowl that put him in black and gold history eternally.

The New Ingredients

As a consequence, there shouldn’t be any doubt that something is cooking in 2018. The Saints have three other quarterbacks along with Drew Brees this year. Of course, Taysom Hill comes in as the slight favorite for this year to backup Drew Brees. Quarterback Tom Savage definitely has a real shot too. That being said, the Saints also decided to sign J.T. Barrett from Ohio St. While it’s unlikely Barrett is gonna get the nod, there has to be an interest in adding a new wrinkle to the offense.

The Saints usually don’t add athletic running quarterbacks to the roster. Backup quarterbacks such as Luke McCown and Chase Daniel have proved to be efficient if called upon. That being said, it’s hard to see Payton having an X-Factor weapon sitting on the bench for 16 games. Think about the possibilities for a second. Having Alvin Kamara in the backfield with a running quarterback can open up some new wrinkles.

The option offense has never worked in the NFL before. In addition, the Wildcat hasn’t been a huge success where teams are running a ton of plays in that set. However, if there is a real possibility of the quarterback launching the ball downfield, teams are gonna have to prepare for it.

Either way, if something does happen to Drew Brees, there would be additional options there if Hill or Barrett would have to step in. With Sean Payton anything is possible. If the chicken was brought in to change up things in 2014. And Gatorade color was changed to add some flavor. Who knows what a 2-piece running and throwing option QB adds with a side of Alvin Kamara might bring.

One thing is for sure. Red beans and rice just doesn’t suit Sean Payton’s style. Spicy things are nice to have. Surely, the temptation to take a bite or two could be so tempting for him.