New Orleans Saints Ultimate Gameday Experience

The experience of a New Orleans Saints game should be one that you will never forget. New Orleans is hands down the best city of all the other 31 teams to experience a game day at. The fans are unique and incredible. The atmosphere in the entire city on Saints game day is eccentric and energizing. While other teams in the NFL has its share of a great game day experience in one way or another, but it just can’t be compared to the “overall” experience you will have being in New Orleans. Below is an example Saints Game Day Itinerary recommended by the Big Easy Mafia.

Eat & Drink

From the moment you arrive in New Orleans the smell of the food will get a hold of your senses and you will immediately be searching for the best New Orleans restaurant. The first place you need to add to your schedule is Desi Vegas Steak House.

Prior to the start of the game, say early morning, you will need to choose somewhere to eat and drink. Plan accordingly, this is a full day experience. To power through, you will need lots of energy so I suggest starting off somewhere convenient near Downtown New Orleans. Downtown is conveniently located by the Superdome. If you are looking for drinks, think a classic New Orleans sports bar with huge televisions and even bigger drinks. There are an abundance of options in close proximity to the Superdome for the ultimate pre-game experience.

Now it’s time for the pre-game, which means drinks, big-screen TV’s and food, always food. We highly recommended the experience of the VIP Saints Tailgate in Benson Tower. This will be the ultimate most plush way to pre-game party, period. The drinks are premium, the food is all you can eat restaurant quality, you have a clean bathroom and air condition, yes we need A/C pretty much all year long. There is even an outdoor section with an amazing view from 5 stories up looking down on Champions Square. All this for one price, this is definitely the way to go.

If you’re not into the plush type of tailgating like the VIP Tailgate and want the loud traditional sports bar scene they we suggest Mannings, it’s a game day favorite that’s close to the ‘dome, with tons of space and televisions for game-watching.

For those of you that are looking for the good old fashioned parking lot tailgating we got you covered. Head over to LOT #3 on Dave Dixon Dr. right across from the Smoothie King Center and check out the Big Easy Mafia Saints Fan Zone. Here you can party with all the costumed Saints Superfans and take pictures with each of them. You can also pick up some good food from the people cooking at the individual tailgates. Tailgating in New Orleans is its own celebration, proving you don’t always need tickets to the game to have a blast.

Getting to the Game

Unless you plan on spending a substantial portion of your trip outside of downtown, I don’t see why renting a car is necessary.

The NORTA (New Orleans Regional Transit Authority) offers buses, ferries and streetcars to get you around and to downtown.

The Superdome is located in downtown, so these different methods will get you close to the stadium. Plus you will save big $$ on parking costs.

Driving to the game can also be a pain if you have plans to drive within downtown after the game. From my experience going there, the downtown streets near the stadium are filled by fans walking in it, almost like the feel of the city’s second line parades.

Take Your Time

Don’t feel like you need to get in the Superdome as soon as the doors open. Take your time strolling in with the crowds. There are lots of Jazz bands play downtown, so if you are walking in a hurry just to go sit in an empty stadium, you may be passing second line parades or another bands performing.

Join in with the second line band! It is lots of fun doing it and walking with them. Wave your Saints towel AKA Crescent City Cloth in New Orleans, clap your hands, or wave to those you pass as if you are on a parade float! You can even throw out or catch colorful beads!

Champions Square

Champions Square is an outdoor festival plaza right outside the dome where you can go to a pre-game concert, walk around, and take pictures with crazy fans in costumes. They even have the game playing on a giant screen with good sound and you can watch it out there if you so choose.

Below is a list of some of the necessary things that we recommend for you to have an amazing time in the Big Easy.

Hotel Downtown New Orleans

Gameday Tickets

VIP Tailgate Tickets

The Saints Anthem (Hype Music)

Preferred Restaurant


Cigar LoungeIn New Orleans

Saints Gameday Merchandise