Saints Superfan “Signature Saint” Has Over 64 Signatures Ranging From Brees, Kamara, Gleason, And Gayle Benson

Posted by | October 4, 2019 .

Brian Henry AKA “Signature Saint” and member of Big Easy Mafia has collected 64 Saints autographs, which he’s had tattooed across his back. Permanently. In the flesh.

Henry asks players to sign his skin with a Sharpie marker, then dashes as quickly as possible to his personal tattooist, Dominic Sgro at Catahoula Tattoo, who converts the signature into a scrupulously accurate tattoo.

Henry said that of all his autographs, the most touching was also the most recent. When he attended 2019 Gleason Gras, a fan festival that benefits research on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Former Saints safety Steve Gleason, a hero of the 2006 season, is afflicted with the paralyzing illness. Henry said he didn’t expect Gleason to be able to sign his body, but he hoped the former player would authorize him to use a tracing of his signature.

Instead, Gleason’s wife, artist Michel Varisco, surprised Henry and actually guided her husband’s hand as he signed Henry’s forearm.

The Gleason signature is among the first tattoos to have crept off of Henry’s back onto another body part — not counting his nickname “B. Nasty,” which was tattooed on his collarbone long before he began collecting autographs, and the lilies dedicated to his late grandmother on his other clavicle, and the “Big Easy Mafia (a superfan group)” symbol on his calf.

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