“Ref Up The Dome” Part Deux (Saints VS Cowboys Game)

Posted by | September 22, 2019 .

The incompetent referees of the NFL have blatantly been making bad calls and or no calls against the Saints for the last 3 games in a row, one of them being the final game of last season.

All New Orleans Saints fans are encouraged to wear a referee shirt for the Saints vs Cowboys game on Sunday September 29th. We need to make a statement on National TV to let the world know that we are loyal, passionate and pissed. Some call it “petty”, others call it “salty”, and they even have those so called Saints fans that say we need to get over it and focus on a new season as if the fans are on the field playing. The players need to forget it and focus on the new season but us as fans, the 12th man, it’s our job to focus on the petty stuff and make statements. We are the ones that can hold signs and wear T-shirts mocking the commissioner. We are also the ones who can wear a patch on our jersey of a referee with his head in his ass, all without getting penalized and fined.

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