NFL Referee “LOL” Jersey Patch

Posted by | September 21, 2019 .

The Saints were affected by an ignorant officials call in the game against the Los Angeles Rams in the 2018 NFC Championship game when Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman was not called for pass interference after he hit Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis when the review showed clear evidence he hit Lewis long before the football arrived and helmet-to-helmet contact was made. Now, a second time against you got it…the Rams, this time in the 2019 season, a touchdown was taken away from the Saints in a game devoid of them.

The initial ruling by the officials was incomplete pass by Goff, giving the Rams a 4th-and-7 at the 11. The officials reviewed the play after Saints head coach Sean Payton challenged the incomplete pass. The play was reversed, but the Saints were not ruled with a touchdown since the play was ruled dead via the whistle.

The Who Dat Nation has had enough of the stupidity, the ignorance of the rule book, and the lack of accountability by the NFL. The referees need to get their head out of their ass. Saints fans will be wearing this patch on the gameday jerseys to show the world just how we feel about them.

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