Calling All Big Easy Mafia Members To Help Make The Movie “GET THE REF!” A Reality

Posted by | March 28, 2019 .

Feature film comedy “Get the Ref” seeks Saints fans for financing. Joanne Busch, the president of Prior Military Productions, Inc. (PMP) in West Hollywood, California is reaching out to loyal Saints fans for immediate crowdfunding support.

This is more than a movie. Ever since she witnessed the NOLA No-Call she wanted to do something for the fans and the whole state of Louisiana to make things right. You don’t get that many chances at Super Bowl berth.

Her production company retrains disabled U.S. military veterans (especially those with PTSD and trauma related injuries) in the film/TV industry. Get the Ref! is a comedy written by one of the vets whose family, ironically is in Louisiana. It centers on the now infamous No-Call and specific groups like disgruntled fans, MAFIA members, gamblers and others who decide to find and exact retribution from the ref who refused the call.

It’s a comedy. Don’t read too much into it. It’s like Airplane or The Naked Gun franchises, lots of doggerel or silly jokes. The writer, however, chose to use subtle context of social commentary and current events to bolster the story in a creative way.

Here are a couple of examples. For instance, TV news pundits blame Donald Trump for the no-call claiming his policies set up a culture of societal malcontent allowing, if not fostering an environment of egregious mistakes – stupid but funny, I know. One of Joanne’s favorites though is where a bunch of fans are on the tour bus singing as they go looking for the ref. They sing “99 referees on the wall, 99 refs on the wall – You take one down, smack him around, 98 referees on the wall.’ Silly but all in good humor.

All joking aside, she is working with a bank in Hollywood willing to assist with the $5 million movie budget. This is how it works. The bank needs collateral like any other type of loan. The finance plan includes 50% of the ($5M) budget in private equity or cash. The state tax incentive takes care of about 30% and one of her international sales agents will get the rest in foreign presales (about $1M). American football is big in the UK so presales aren’t a problem. Her only challenge is the equity portion.

She is asking for simple donations of $10 – $25 – $50 or whatever you can afford. If we could circumvent a bank loan and go directly to pre-production that would be a giant blessing. But with 350,000 people in New Orleans and over 4 million in the state of Louisiana, surely we can raise $2.5M and get this movie going! For those willing to do a little more at the INVESTOR level ($5,000 or more), 100% dollar-for-dollar tax deduction from IRS Tax Code. Whatever your level, we appreciate your help!

For all the fans who participate, They want to have a VIP screening of the finished film at the dome on the real “Big Screen” – Let’s see what happens – And thank you loyal Diehard Saints Fans.