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Falcons Head Coach, Raheem Morris Was Interviewed By The Saints

Posted by | November 18, 2020 .

Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Raheem Morris
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

You have been in the same division with Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill the past few years, what are some of the challenges each of them pose?
“Jameis when he was in Tampa, he showed ability, showed the big arm throwing the ball down the field, a good vertical thrower, pushing it down the field to some of the big wideouts he had in Tampa. He had a lot of success and a bunch of yards he was able to put up and obviously he had a couple of woes that made him find his way to New Orleans. But, you are talking about a talented guy with a big arm that can make almost every throw on the football field and then when you talk about Taysom you talk about a guy that is very unique in his skillset, brings a bunch of stuff in the quarterback run game that he can also bring in the pass game. He also has a unique skillset that gives him the ability to put himself in the play action game. He’s just talented enough to move to tight end, talented enough to move to fullback, talented enough to move to wide receiver. He’s just kind of that guy, that swiss army knife that has the ability to go out there and make plays and absolutely ruin games for people because he can go anywhere, including special teams.”

Does that change up how you gameplan or is it more preparing for the Saints offense as it has been for a long time and how you’ve prepared for them for a long time?
“I know as long as Sean Payton is there and Pete Carmichael is there, those guys are going to do what the Saints do and one of the best things that those coaches do in my opinion is put guys in really good roles. They’ve been doing the role game really well for a long time. The name switches from Marques Colston to Michael Thomas. The names have gone from Deuce McAllister and Mark Ingram to now Latavius Murray and now it goes from Reggie Bush to Alvin Kamara. I’ve been able to see these guys put people in different roles and look very similar over the years and use people in these roles where they have positive results.”

Can you point to anything specific that’s led to the improvement in defense and if you have done anything differently schematically?
“When you go into it, you need a deep dive and all the times you are going to have up and down woes as part of the game, whether it’s third down, whether it be situational, whether It be focusing, whether it be something (else) you want to focus on. The thing that we’ve tried to focus on the most is us and that’s focusing on our opponent and getting our jobs done. Our jobs is scoring and getting the ball back and leaving simple messaging, keeping it real simple, real sweet, defined for the players and the coaches.”

Sean Payton said you guys have played faster, was that a simplification?
“I think Sean is being kind. I know Sean right now is in his office and he’s looking to get his best foot forward. He’s always a great competitor to go up against. I always look forward to matchup. It’s always fun. It always has a little something to it. There’s always going to be some good, technique on technique. There’s always going to be a little bad, that’s people not self-destructing in their own sense and there’s always going be a little ugly, the extracurricular and there’s always going to be the hitting and we look forward to the challenge of the game.”

What have you seen from that Saints defense, particularly the secondary in these past couple of weeks?
“Dennis Allen’s done a great job in what they are able to do, Aaron Glenn (also). You can absolutely see the nastiness. You can absolutely see what he brings to the table, being fortunate enough as a young coach to be around Aaron Glenn when he played the game. I know what he’s all about. He’s all about the ball, he’s all about getting the ball. He’s all about being quick. He’s all about anticipating people and reading people on what they want to do and he brings that to the table for this Dennis Allen defense. Then up front, they’re always going to be led by Cameron (Jordan), they’re going to play with a certain swagger and identity about themselves with Demario Davis adding to the crew, that’s going to be a mentality. They get their veteran leader back in Malcolm Jenkins and what he brings to the table and how they get lined up, how defined they are and how rule-driven they are and they’re going to play with a nastiness that’s going to make us step up our game”

You’ve been in Tampa Bay and now here, how would you describe the Saints-Falcons rivalry?
“They don’t like us and we don’t like them. It’s strictly on the football basis. When you go to play these games it is what it is. May the best man win. We’ll shake hands before and after the game, but in between the whistles, we’ll get this thing going and it will be a nice show to watch.”

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