BEM Promotions is a digital sports & entertainment promo company. Basically we promote your event, your business or your product on the digital platform. We target people primarily in the city of New Orleans and its surrounding areas. We also offer digital graphics/flyers, email blasts, and use a variety of other social media platforms to promote your product/event to get it in front of thousands of interested customers.

We also offer a very unique "Non-Digital" way of marketing. This Is NOLA Advertising At Its Best!! We will have your business logo printed in “Saints Gold” on the entire back of our already famous “Big Easy Mafia” T-shirt.

Our marketing and advertising reps will go down to the streets of New Orleans on Saints gameday and target the market that would benefit your business the best. They will then personally hand out the shirts to those particular Saints fans encouraging them to check out your business while giving them FREE Saints apparel prior to the game. You would be amazed on how many people actually wear the shirt that same day to the game

This type of advertising does not expire when the ad campaign finishes running, or when a magazine goes out of date etc. People will wear this shirt day after day, week after week.

What You Get With A Corporate Sponsorship
1) 100 T-shirts with your logo on back
2) A business ad linked back to your website added to the Corporate Sponsor page.
3) A business ad on the sidebar of the Big Easy Mafia website which will be visible on every page
4) Your business will be mentioned and recognized on all of Big Easy Mafia and BEM Promotions Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat & LinkedIn)
All For Only $875

*You can also add 50 Crescent City Cloth Rally Towels with your business name on the backside of the towel for $250* This is guaranteed to get your business exposed in a very non-traditional and unique way.

If you’re interested in having BEM Promotions and the Big Easy Mafia Saints Fan Club promote your business or event,please “Contact Us” via email and we will send you further details.