15 Best Places to Watch the Game in New Orleans

Posted by | January 18, 2020 .

If you’re in New Orleans, you’re most likely here for the Saints. Let’s say you weren’t lucky enough to score tickets; but you can still make watching the game an incredibly enjoyable experience. Sure, you’ve got cable at home, so you could totally watch it in the comfort of your own living room. But nowhere is watching the game more of an event than in a traditional New Orleans sports bar.

The only problem is choosing just one – the best one. There are dozens to choose from, depending on preference. Which one will you choose? The one with the great food? The one with the big screens? What about the atmosphere? Is it the same in every bar? Here are the 15 best sports bars in New Orleans. Be mindful of the fact that most of these bars are 21 years old and up, but there are some good options that welcome all ages!

1) Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant
The surf-themed bar in the Warehouse District has traditionally been a Saints team member hangout. Drew Brees has even stopped by to give bar patrons a chant lesson. Check out a larger bar area courtesy of a recent revamp. Catch the game and then partake in post-game partying. Lucy’s is the official hangout for the Big Easy Mafia. There is no better place to cheer the Saints on.

2) Tracey’s
Another favorite of the locals, Tracey’s is an Irish bar, and boy, do they love sports here. This one’s a little busier, because it’s bigger and more well-known, so there’s always a pleasant murmur of people coming in and out. Since it’s an Irish bar, you’ll be able to sample the delicious dishes, all in an eccentric décor that includes a voodoo doll of a referee – make of that what you will.

3) R Bar
Who says that vegans can’t enjoy a good Saints game and delicious snacks at a local sports bar? Yeah, a lot of the “traditional” food served in sports bars is meat-based, but this place offers some mean vegan cheesesteaks. There are also pop-up food stalls to offer you options. Screens are available both indoors and outdoors, so you can take your pick of seat and enjoy yourself.

4) Wrong Iron
Technically, this is a beer garden. So, can you really think of a better place to watch a Saint’s game? I think not. One of the benefits is that the location is super accessible, so you can’t miss it. If you’re a drink man, you’ll love it here, because they’ve got a wide, and delicious array of drinks, from wine and cocktails to 50 different beers available on tap. They’ve got their huge TVs parked smack dab in the middle of their patio. Hurry up and grab a seat!

5) American Sports Saloon
This one’s a classic, which you probably tell by the name. The American Sports Saloon is a great place to enjoy a game at any time. It’s not only a great place with a traditional atmosphere, but it’s also hosted in an amazing building, so if you’re here as a tourist, you can take in some of that local architecture, as well. Because of the explicitly sports-themed nature of this place, you can even enjoy other games and other teams.

6) Markey’s Bar
A dive bar like the locals enjoy, Markey’s Bar is the right option for you if you’re up for lively debate and conversation about the New Orleans Saints. They’ve got TVs everywhere, so there’s plenty of opportunity to watch and you won’t miss a thing. They’ve also got outside space, if you’re a smoker or just want to enjoy some air. Football is on here all day, every day, so you can drop by at any time.

7) Finn McCool’s
Finn McCool’s is a sports bar through and through, and while it’s mainly known for soccer, it’s a premier spot to watch any sport you want, including football. The beer here is said to be way better than in other places and they’ve got classic pub food. What’s not to love?

8) Manning’s
Manning’s is adorned with an abundance of flat-screens and viewing areas. You can watch the game indoors or outdoors on one of their 2 mega-screens and 30 (yes, 30!!) flatscreens. You can understand why everyone wants to come to Manning’s for game day. They’ve got projectors, for god’s sake.

9) Cooter Brown’s
Cooter Brown’s is another flatscreen heaven. You can tell the place is designed especially for game day from the moment you walk in. The bar has TVs all over the place, including a whole wall covered in them from top to bottom. It’s hard to get away from the screens playing the game, really. And while you watch, you can enjoy a selection of 45 different beers on tap and an amazing raw oyster bar. If you chose this one as your winner, no one would blame you.

10) Second Line Brewing
Game days are super popular at Second Line Brewing, and they carry out the huge screen especially for those long-awaited Saints games! The patio is especially beautiful and comfortable, and they’ve got plenty of seating, so you can bring all your friends, or even your family – everyone is welcome! If you also love craft beer, then you’ll be a very happy sports fan, indeed.

11) Walk-On’s
Walk-On’s is designed with you and all other sports fans in mind. You’ll be able to see that when you visit. Located near the Dome, it’s a really cool, really unique place to enjoy your favorite team. The menu is incredible, and the tables all have taps – how great and convenient is that? Not to mention the screens, they’re everywhere – on the balcony, upstairs, or downstairs. There’s plenty of room for everyone.

12) Azul
If you’re a family man and you all enjoy a good game and are Saints fans, then what are you waiting for? Azul is the place for you! They cater to customers of all ages, so you can bring Jr. with you and teach him the family way on sports day. The TVs are aplenty, and the menu will make your mouth water. Chicken wings are a classic, of course, and even your kids may enjoy them. There are seats for everyone and their mom, so bring her, too!

13) Urban South Brewery
Another family spot, the Urban South Brewery wins points for the sheer amount of space they’ve got. No need to worry about your family not finding enough seats or not having enough space to run around. You can let your kids roam free. There’s craft beer for the parents, a bouncy house for the kids, and picnic tables for everyone. In fact, the place is so family-friendly, you can even host a birthday party-game day combo.

14) Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail is all about their outdoor space, which the locals love, but tourists also appreciate it. It’s definitely surprisingly atmospheric for a place where you go to watch the game, with palm trees and fairy lights galore, so you might pick this one if you’re taking a lady to watch the game, or you’re in a mixed group. On gameday, the place runs wild and the various TVs come out to play – both inside and outside. Keep the scotch coming!

15) Bayou Beer Garden
You can enjoy the game in all sorts of areas at the Bayou Beer Garden. Inside or outside, on big screens, on the patio – wherever you choose to be, you’ll have a good time. This is a great spot for sports fans, especially Saints lovers. There’s beer on tap, wine, cheese, big ol’ screens, and of course, football!

What will it be?
As you can see, New Orleans is not in any way short on sports bars or excellent places to enjoy your favorite team – the Saints, of course! Because New Orleans is such a sports-oriented town, there are a lot of bars and pubs that either specialize in sports or that host sports days as special occasions.
The big flatscreens are commonplace, the seating is aplenty, and the beer keeps on pouring at virtually all of these places. Some of them are more popular with the locals, while others are adored by tourists, but of one thing you can be certain – you are sure to enjoy a good Saints game, no matter where you go.